Corry CT School Class ?-70(R) - August 1970
Image from Gerry Gall

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Corry CT School Class ?-70(R)  -  August 1970
The following information relates to the above Class:

Date Enrolled: 26 MAR 70 / Date Completed: 07 AUG 70

Instructor: CT1 J.F. Wegelin

On the photo, I wish I could be sure of the people in the photo other than mine.
Here are some of the names I think:

I am the first one (one the left) in the second row. I got quite a tan while I was there. Spent a lot of time at
the beach. I believe that the person in the first row all the way on the right is Levine. I know the names
and the faces, I just can't put them together.

Gerald (Gerry) Gall

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18 Level Watchstanding Schedule and listed the names of those in the Bravo
and Delta sections, their rate, and the duty station they had been assigned.