Imperial Beach Advanced Class 13B-57(R) - Jun 1957
Image from   Ron Robinson

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Can you help identify any of the unknown personnel in this IB Class photo?
Yes, I can help!

Imperial Beach (IB) Adv. Class 13B-57(R) Jun 1957 - Instructors CTC Causey/CTC King

This was the group that graduated together. Most of the men in the Basic 13B-57(R), Basic 13D-57(R),
and Advanced 13B-57(R) pictures went to Bremerhaven right out of school. Three of us in this picture
went to Sabana Seca. Nearly all of us wound up as the first wave in when they opened Karamursel.
It was like one big reunion.

Back Row L-R Bill Scottow - Unknown - Harry Brannon - Ron Robinson - Wolfe - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown -

Middle Row L-R Dave Haviland - Ed Doss - Unknown - Donnie Edwards - Harold Goad - Unknown - Flint - Unknown

Front Row L-R Chuck Mellon - Unknown - Chief King - Dennis Scholl - Unknown