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Adak, Alaska .. 1957 - 1958
Images from Don Hayes (former CT1)

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Doyle Mobley in Cube 7 Dorm G Doyle Mobley, Tibbits, Matty Mattz - Dorm G

JC Hadnott (night pastry cook), Don Hayes and
Charlie Brisco (cook) Div 6 Basketball Team
Boats Bufford, JC Hadnott, Charlie Brisco

Don Hayes before arthritis and old age set in Burkett CS2 #8 - Mattz SN our base barber #11 -
JC Hadnott SN night pastry cook #5 -
Don Hayes CTSN #1

Doyle Mobley CTSN and Doc Devetter HM3 in "Doc's" Office Don Hayes and Doc Devetter HM3 in his office. He had thrill of taking
care of my first severe ankle sprain. I was also one of the first on base to
get the Asian Flu. Poor Doc treated us in dorms since sick bay was filled.

Adak Christmas Greetings Card Doyle Mobley (Louisiana) and Don Hayes.
Doyle and I flew to Adak together after a
few days transit in Seattle and Kodiak.

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