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Adak, Alaska .. 1968-1969
Images and Narrative from Rodney Galles CTIC USN (Ret)

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Thought you might like to see why I said the fishing was what I remembered most about Adak.
My fishing buddy was the department chief, CTICS Jack Weidner. He lived in the house behind
me, and we both fished regularly. We also played contract and duplicate bridge, and a little bingo.

The Sweatshirt with Snoopy on it was from Sinop. We had a bunch of them made up with Snoopy
the pirate barking in Russian. GAF is the Russian for woof, although it means something entirely
different in English. We garnered a bit of attention when we wore those shirts in Sinop.

Jack Weidner

Adak with Sinop Shirt

A string of reason for Adak

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