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Adak, Alaska .. June 66 - June 67
Images and narrative from    Bill Worthington (former CT3)

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Left Photo:    From the top of Mt Adagdak looking towards Zeto Point.
Middle Photo:    USNSGA from up on the hill.
Right Photo:    I believe this is Bering Sea coastline.

Left Photo:    Bering Sea and Beach on a "Nice" day.
Middle Photo:    WWII Machine gun nest on Bering Sea around Lake Andrew.
Right Photo:    The road to the Coast Guard station, Mt. Moffet in the back.

Left Photo:    The road around Lake Andrews from part way up Mt. Moffet.
Middle Photo:    5:45am sunrise over Clam Lagoon and Mt. Sitkin.
Right Photo:    Another Clam Lagoon shot.

Left Photo:    From the far side of Lake Andrews looking back in the direction of the base.
Middle Photo:    Bill Worthington high over Lake Andrew as the fog rolls in.
Right Photo:    The Gateway to Lake Andrew. Just to the left of this picture was the old
Seaplane Landing area.

Left Photo:    A photo of the Mail Plane (see it?).
Middle Photo:    From near Clam Lagoon looking towards Mt. Moffet.
Right Photo:    Way up on Mt. Moffet. Lake Andrew to the right, Bering Sea to the left.

Left Photo:    The Mahine gun nest from the Beach. There were also remains of trenches along
here and we found an area where we could still go underground. We discovered there was
unexploded ordinance here and left that area quickly after that.
Middle Photo:    Ken Winters demonstrating his rock climbing abilities.
Right Photo:    The clear/cold waters of Clam Lagoon. Full of King Crabs, which we weren't
allowed to eat.

The guys at the Club. At least two of these fellows were on the Pueblo when it was captured.
Rodney Duke (partially standing) and Paul Brushnahan directly across from Rodney, in uniform.
Paul Steinhaur is front left and Bill Worthington is right rear behind Brushnahan. The others I
can't identify. I do know the fellow in the front right met an unfortunate death in Japan.

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