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NSG Dept Adak, Alaska (July 1966 - July 1967)
Images from   Jim Fox (former CTR3)

L to R - Payne; Jim Dady, IL; unknown; Parkinson, CA; Lazaretti, MN lying on bunk in background; Skip Catero, AZ; Grozy; Chilly

Jim Fox, Payne, Skip Catero - dorm

Top of Mt. Adagdak. L to R.
unknown; Paul Steinhaur

Tom Halstead - Boat House, Lake Andrew

Skiing Adventure. L to R. Giff - Washington State; Jim Dady - Illinois

Touch the cloud. Looking out of front entrance NavComSta

Christmas 1966. Parkinson - Calif

Deserted WW2 town in Finger Bay

Mother Ship - King Crab processor in Finger Bay

On Zeto Point. My 55 Ford

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