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NSGDept at NCS Adak, Alaska (circa 1964-1966)
Images from   Joel Nichols (former CTR3)

Choppy sea 1964

CTR3 Joel Nichols 1964

CTR1 Eugene Wagner and wife 1965

Joel Nichols and friends 1964

Mt Sitkin 1964

NavComSta Crew 3 72 hours off 1964

NavFac from WWII 1964

NSG Adak 1964

Sheet metal ride in Tundra 1964

Shoe shine 1964

Tom Erickson and Tim Pope 1964

WWII sea plane base 1964

ID's from Joel Nichols:
unknown, unknown, Billy Fowler, Joel Nichols,
Tim Pope, Tom Massey, Ronald Christie

Modified ID's from Rex Rosenberg:
I'm the one in the grey sweats (Rex Rosenberg). Also, the guy in the white t-shirt with the black glasses is Ron Sarkozy, and not Billy Fowler.

Travis Lundsford and unknown 1964

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