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Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico .. 1975-2001
Images and narrative from CTOCS Barry Hester, USN

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Sabana Seca CPO Mess 1999

70's ring/NSGA Sabana Seca circa 1975 Ops site/CDAA 1995 Pre Hurricane Georges Ops site (Notice half moon CDAA) 2000
(Post Hurricane Georges)

Inside the CDAA 2001 32 Meter Satellite Dish, built in the jungle
on South Tract Sabana Seca 1999
Sabana front gate marquee sign. 1999

BEQ Bravo 2001 Inside BEQ Bravo barracks, nice suites,
not like the old open bay barracks. 2001
Officer's/VIP Quarters

Shark's Cove Galley 2001 Child Development Center 2001 Inside the Gym after remodeling 2001

Emil White Enlisted Club 2001 Base Chapel (one of the only ones in the
Navy with a cross on the building) 1999
Youth Center 2001

Old Quarterdeck Bldg 1991-1993 New Quarterdeck Bldg 1999 New Quarterdeck Bldg (Another view) 1999

Sabana Microwave tower
(date unknown, from archives)
Sabana Microwave tower
(date unknown, from archives)
32 Meter Dish, Sabana Seca
South Tract 2000

Map of Sabana Seca North and South Tracts,
showing the different type of lands that the site
was built around. NSGA Sabana Seca is proud not
to have damaged the surrounding environmental
areas. The Updland is often referred to by
Sabana Seca Sailors as the Mogote's. 2000
Anchor/Painted Anchor just inside
the front gate 2001

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