Corry Field CT School Class ?-71(BEO)   February 1971
Image from Mike Whitelaw

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Corry Field CT School Class ?-71  February 1971 - Instructor:  CTTC Purvis

Front row (l - r)

1. Jack Calderone from Ohio detailed to Bremerhaven
2. Frank West from Texas detailed to Bremerhaven
3. Larry Brown from Illinois detailed to Hawaii
4. Ronal Hoke from Virginia detailed to Bremerhaven
5. Terry Sandage from Illinois detailed to Rota

Back row (l - r)

1. Don Hill from Oregon detailed to Bremerhaven
2. Tom Krause from Arizon detailed to Guam
3. Mike Whitelaw from Massachusetts detailed to Guam
4. Instructor Chief Purvis
5. K Muessig from Missour detailed to California
6. Roger Kock from Nebraska detailed to Adak
7. John McCuiston from Michigan detailed to Adak