Corry Field CT School Class ?-71(O) February 1971
Image from Jim Murphy

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Corry Field CT School Class ?-71(O) Feb 1971 - Instructor:  CTOC North

First row (seated). L-R:    CTOSN Warner, CTOSN Parton, CTOSN Stephen H. Elliott, CTOSN Graber, unknown

Second Row L-R:    CTOSN Gardiner , CTOSN Strace, CTOSA Polisak, CTOC North, CTOSN Pate,
CTOSA Ricky Crouse, CTOSA Joseph

Top Row L-R:    PFC Lewis, CTOSN Aho, unknown, CTOSA Jim Murphy, PFC Throckmorton.

There is one notable fact, Steve Elliott was one of the CT's who died on December 12, 1971 flying from
the PI for duty in Viet Nam.