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Guam Island .. 1971
Images from Mike Landis
Narrative from Tom Shirley

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Inaugural Souvenir, San Miguel Brewing Co. (Guam) Inc, November 27, 1971

San Miguel Brewing Co. (Guam) Inc.

Mike says brewery visitors were given this key chain free. It was worth it. Made of genuine aluminum,
this item is priceless, literally, since no expense - none at all - was spared producing it. And while no
monetary value - and I really mean that - can be placed on this item, it has enormous sentimental value
to those of us too cool to visit the brewery but who remember the beer.

Gazing in awesome wonder at the face of the key chain, you can see it features a map of Guam, sort of,
and the notation, "Inaugural Souvenir, San Miguel Brewing Co. (Guam) Inc, November 27, 1971."
The reverse features a picture of the brewery, I think, and again the stirring words,
"San Miguel Brewing Co. (Guam) Inc." which pretty much says it all.

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