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NCS Finegayan, Guam .. 1958-1959
Images from Windel (Dal) Ballew

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During the time I was on Guam, Capt. Porter Lewis was the CO, CDR S. E. Hazelett was the XO.
Others were  E. J. Butscheck, LCDR  -  J. A. Skinner, CDR  -  R. L. Hansen, ENS

NCS MASDELCO Beach Party - Sept 1958 (L-R):  Kerish, Gardner, Langston, Kramer, Siptak

(L-R):  Bryant (Tex), Unknown, Joe (Chicago), Cravatt (Tex) (L-R):  Gardner and Unknown

Guam Baseball Unknown player at bat (L-R):  Howe and Ballew

(L-R):  Kramer, Gardner, Langston, Kerish, Siptak (L-R):  Ballew and Langston on carabao

(L-R):  Ballew, Bryant, Unknown, Joe at NCS beach Road to the NCS beach Guam

LCDR in charge of NavSecGru Guam
pitching horse shoes at the Beach Party
(L-R):  Bryant (TX), Stephens (WA), Howe (CA)

(L-R):  Kramer, Gardner, Ballew, Kerish, Cyptik Ballew, notice the cars... looks like collector items to me

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