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Guam Island .. 1949-1950
Images from John (Jay) Ferguson

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NCS Guam Xmas Card 1950

MAA hut on S. side of Admin bldg

Arrow points to Rec Bldg Hut V7 of Motor Pool area

Photo Hut - Rec Bldg in background Recreation Bldg.1950

Soft Ball Field Softball Team 1950

Movie Pit looking North Movie Screen and Stage

Movie Pit Projection room Fire Station

Looking North East Hut area with bldg west of chow hall

Panoramic view of above two photos

Storage Bldg west of chow hall Ships store - Barb shop - Small cloth store

John (Jay) Ferguson 1949 Admin Bldg with Staff Cars

Main Gate U.S. Army Receiver Stn

West side of Hanging Bldg Unknown location

NCS Beach - Xmas 1949 Christmas 1949 Beach party

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