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Guam Island .. 1971-1972
Images and narrative from James (Jim) Ercole

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Prior to 1970, Guam was run by the U.S. Military and the Ranking member there was the Governor of Guam.
In 1970 Guam elected its first Governor and His name is Carlos G. Commacho. The Chief Petty Officer's of
NavCommStaGuam invited Governor Commacho to speak at a luncheon at the CPO Mess (Open) "The Fouled
Anchor Club" in Finegayan. Here are some pictures to commerate that event. I was mess treasurer at the time.
The Commanding Officer was Capt Alberta and the XO was Cdr Walker.

Governor Commacho arriving for speech.

Guam's first elected Governer Carlos G. Commacho speaking to the NCS Chiefs. NCS CPO Mess. Mess line after speech.

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