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NAVCOMMSTA Guam .. 1954
Images taken by Howard Scott

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Scotty photographed many areas of Guam, and he also took pictures of a larger number of shipmates.
His slides are professionally done, and in pristine state. He kept them boxed up and out of the light.
Scotty died, two years ago in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and his brother in California sent me the slides,
not knowing who else would be interested. Believe me, they're incredible! In the six or so months that
he was on the base, Scotty made more friends than you can count. His father was a Navy captain,
whom I met back in my D.C. days in the early 60's.

Narrative from: Gerald  'Jerry'  Hay

The 'old' NCS base at South Finegayan

Road past front of NCS

Front of the CPO Club - 1954 EM Club - 1954

Chiefs' Club - 1954 Officers' Club - 1954

Not sure about this one - 1954 NCS Firehouse - 1954

Inspection on old base - 1954

Road to the beach - 1954 Seabees - 1954

Most likely road to the beach - 1954

The 'new' NCS base at Finegayan

Jim Confair at New Barracks - 1954 New Op Building - 1954

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