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Guam Island .. 1960-1961
Images from Donna A. (Mrs. Lee R. Sherrell, Jr. CTMCS) Sherrell

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Guam Peninsula, 1960-1961 Guam Bay, 1960-1961

Guam Mountain scene, 1960-1961 Guam, with cove scene, 1960-1961

Guam Village, 1960-1961 Guam Village, 1960-1961

Big Octopus they caught Scuba Diving, 1960-1961 Guam, Lee's Friend with Octopus, 1960-1961

Guam, Picnic, 1960-1961 Guam, Lee's friend, 1960-1961

Lee's friend, returning from Guam, 1961 Shipmate unknown, on way home from Guam, 1961

Leaving Guam, July 1961 Guam, on the way home, July 1961

Guam, Returning Home, July 1961 Looking back at Guam, July 1961

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