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Guam 1961 and other photos
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Guam sunset - 1961 Guam lagoon - 1961

Jammer Long was taken in the barracks at NavComSta.
Don't know what Jammer's first name was.
He was an Operator. - Guam 1961
This is the scene at Agana cemetery, where I was
part of the color guard for a memorial service following
the tragic death of Dag Hammerskold. He died on
18 Sept. 1961, so this picture would have been
taken the next day.

Iwo Jima. This was an emergency stop on the way to Yokosuka for more R&R. I think there were two women onboard the
flight, and they spent the night on the aircraft. The rest of us just found places in the barracks. There was only a weather
station and emergency airstrip operating on Iwo at that time (1961), so the Club was for all ranks, and boasted that the bar
was long enough for every man on the station to be served at the same time. The movies of the battle were hauled out for
the "visitors" and the image of a cruiser firing point blank into Suribachi is still in my mind. I couldn't pass up the
opportunity and persuaded a couple of guys to take me on a short night time tour of the nearby Japanese installations.
I took a Heineken box to put things in. So we set off with flash lights, careful to avoid wires and ammunition which were all
over the place. The Army declared that Iwo was too dangerous to clean up, so just put everything off limits and let nature
take its course. There were caves full of truck spare parts, others with canned food. From one of these I picked up three
Imperial Marine rice bowls, all annealed together by flame thrower. Also bones and a helmet. Everything went into the box.
Next day I took a look at Suribachi and the enormous blockhouse at the foot of the volcano. Then continued the flight to
Japan. My friend Benny (don't know his last name), on Guam, told me to go to the Red Star Hotel, Yokohama, and the
Mama-san would look after me. I did and she did. Wonderful stay. Coming back from seeing the sights one day, I came into
my room and there was Mama-san sitting on the bed and in tears. I asked what the matter was, and she gestured under the
bed. "You have box Simmy-son" "Where you get box?" "Iwo Jima Mama-san." More tears. Her husband had been killed on
Iwo, so I gave Mama-san the box and all of the contents. I'll never forget her.

CTSN Sim Comfort on HongKong R&R

CTSN Sim Comfort

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