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NSGA Midway Islands (circa 1955-1956)
Images from   Richard D. Cupka Sr (former CTR2)

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Enroute to Midway - March 55

Sand Island, Midway

Admin Bldg

A bit of Midway History

Dick Cupka, barracks lawn

Dick and WWII gun

Dick and WWII memory

Lee from Arkansas

Dick Cupka

Marty Gloster

Dick, Lee, and Smokey

Milton Copenhaver

Dick Cupka

Dick, Russ, ?, Marty, Charlie

Ham KM6AX bldg on right

Deserted bldgs on Sand Island

Eastern fm ham shack on Sand

Indiana, straight ahead!

SAR Sea and Air Rescue landing

The dock on Sand Island

Troop ship at dock on Sand

Crashboat at Eastern.

Dick Cupka at helm of Crashboat

Crashboat approaching Eastern Isl

Russ Irving at the helm

Rounding #11 bouy - Irving

Lee going to Eastern

Checking out old #11 bouy

Hey! Come back here!

J.A. 'Jac' Cronin, CT1

PRB enroute to Eastern - Cupka

The crew and 'The Pup'

Russ, Lee, and 'Sniffles'

Dick Cupka and the puppies

Cupka and clothesline buffer he made

Sand as seen from Eastern

Runways intersection fm old tower

From Air Tower. Sand in distance.

The beach. Sand Isl upper right.

Fishballs-Cupka still has them!

Proud Midway native

Ship on far horizon

Noisy your seal, quiet gooney.

Gooney bird heaven

Black gooney and baby to be.

From the sea it came. LST-868 website

Memorial from prior CTs

En Memorium

To Ye Who Think Thy Lot Is Tough,
With Dreams Of Going Home And Stuff,
Me Thinks Ye Should Have Spent A While,
Before We Came To Eastern Isle.

A Departed Comrade Detachment "A"

Memorial, fishball, and CT

Memorial and Charlie Heiner

Aircraft control tower

Deserted Quonset Hut

D.F. Bowman, Cupka and Frigate bird

D.F. Bowman/Gen. Qtrs patrol

Chief Thompson and Dick Cupka

"Cup" - deep sea fish

New wheels - Charlie Heiner

New wheels - Dick Cupka

Waves biting Midway's beaches

Cup going to Ops bldg to work

Galley - Irving, ?, Heiner

Marty Gloster after day watch

Marty! Wash it! I'll cut it!!

Charlie! Put your pants on!

Cupka cutting Smokey's hair

'Arky' - visions of sugar plums

After a loooong day watch!

Cupka, caught in the act

Hammarlund SP-600 in galley

Cupka and dead shark

Cupka and dead shark on dock

Lee and dead shark

Cupka - Christmas 1955

Dick, Marty, Smokey - Xmas '55

More 'new' wheels!

No rubber? Drive it anyway!

But NOT out on the dock!

Twasn't me, Chief!

Dammit! I told him NOT to

Irving and Heiner - "Wasn't us!!"

Picnics at Comm Unit #43

Beautiful Midway sunset

And another day ends

Marty Gloster 'loved' Jane Powell

Cupka and Dee's Xmas cookies

Gloster - Tired of sitting at Ops

Smokey and his friends

Smokey and Marty in bunk house

Galley - Sand Isl in background

Storm headed our way!

Western sky from Ops - spring '56

Spring '56, sunset on Midway

What a gorgeous Midway sky

What a fast year that was!

Sitting there waiting for us, I guess.

All aboard!! For the mainland.

Bye bye Midway - take care!

Dick and Dee Cupka
March 24, 1956

Dick and Dee Cupka - Kamiseya '56

Dick and Dee Cupka
50th wedding anniversary
March 24, 2006

Thanksgiving menu cover 1955

Thanksgiving dinner menu 1955

Midway transmitter shack Eastern Isl

Cupka gets CT3 Rating


Heading for Eastern Isl

View from tower toward Antenna field Eastern Isl

Operations - lonely place

Card, greetings from Midway

Christmas card - inside

Cupka drawn Christmas card

Telegram, going to Midway

Comm Unit 43 - on quonset hut

News clipping - CT's rescue fliers

Disney article

What's left of a dungaree shirt

Russ Irving and our pup

Bunker Dust Bowl on Eastern Isl

One more by DA GUN!

Above is a shot of the display I made with the balls, using coathanger
wire and an old Chianti wine bottle from the club on Sand island. The
larger ball, as you will see, is on the bottom of the display and on that
ball, back in 1956, I typed and scotchtaped a note saying Midway Island,
Comm Unit 43, 1956.

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