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Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico - 1966/67
Images and narrative from John Whitmire

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CT1 John East circa 1967 Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico.
Picture taken by John Whitmire during a section fishing party
a few miles off San Juan. About 6 of us went deep sea fishing
and all of us except 2 spent most of our time "chuming"
because we were seasick. John East was the only one in
the group that had any sea time - he was on the USS Banner
so he was used to little ships rocking and rolling.

Another picture of John East, this time showing off his "little one".
Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico fishing trip about 1967.

John Whitmire living it up as we pull out of San Juan harbor
circa 1967 on a section fishing trip. Did great for about 4000
more yards then spent the remaining 5-6 hours "chuming"
until we pulled back into the harbor!

Sunbathing between the barracks. Picture taken by
John Whitmire about 1967. That's Tom Shirk sitting down
and believe Bob Hastings standing up in background -
believe his first name was Bob. I don't remember the name
of the person with the bucket.

John Whitmire at home in the Sabana Seca barracks circa 1967.

Don't remember the name of this person. Picture taken 1967 during
a fishing trip. Do remember his last name being Polish so we all
called him Ski. He, along with John East didn't get sea sick on the
trip. We know John didn't because he had his sea legs so we always
told Ski he didn't because he was a Pollack (remember - these were
the times when we all joked about our backgrounds, etc.)

Bob Hastings touring El Morro castle in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
circa 1966-67. Bob was stationed at Sabana Seca also, I remember
Bob wanting to get out of the Navy and becoming a pilot so he could
fly Phantoms - he was amazed with that aircraft. Prior to enlisting
in the Navy Bob said he went to Seminary School but couldn't handle
it because there was no booze or women so he quit and joined the
Navy. He got out of the Navy after his first enlistment.

Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico circa 1966-67. I don't remember his
name other than Ski. Ski eventually lost his clearance and the last I
heard of him he was a 50 caliber gunner on an LST in Vietnam.

Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico circa 1966-67. Picture taken by
John Whitmire in barracks. Picture is of Bob "Flako" Featherer;
someone is making sure Bob keeps his eyes open for any
"new activity"!

Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico. This is a picture of Dave Freed
taken by John Whitmire in October 1966. The event was a
Delta Section beach party.

CT2 John Whitmire reenlists at USNAVRADSTA Sabana Seca,
Puerto Rico in 1967. CDR Neil Berthier was the OIC
conducting the oath.

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